SYRIA is a virtual reality experience developed by Alberto Bonanni, Antek Jancelewicz and Ivan Borojevic as part of the research on the brief “Marginalised Voices”, kicked off by prof. Eleanor Dare at the Royal College of Art in 2019. In SYRIA, the viewer is transported from the RCA White City campus straight to Aleppo, Syria, a beautiful and historic city devastated by war and conflict. By following the story of a survivor as he escapes what was once his family home, you can run through the demolished streets of the city to finally be taken captive in a dark and scary prison run by the regime.

This project aims to showcase the unbearable reality many Syrian citizens face every day. Our media bombard us with images and political issues that we do not truly understand: this journey, based on real stories and life pills, displays a reality that we often ignore.

Process video

Year: 2019
Team: Alberto Bonanni, Antoni Jancelewicz, Ivan Borojevic
Tutors: Thomas Deacon, Antoine Hacheme
Software: SketchUp, Substance Designer, Cinema4D, Unity, Ableton