Digital Direction Final Show – Royal College of Art


Royal College of Art’s MA in Digital Direction was established in 2017 as part of the School of Communication under the direction of Prof. Eleanor Dare. The course addresses the intersection of art and technology from a new, post-digital perspective. Students have the chance to develop immersive and disruptive storytelling through new, emerging technologies. They are able to direct all parts of the system, from pre- to post- production and publication, with a deep knowledge of both post-digital subjects and each of the technologies involved in their representation. As part of the the 2018 cohort, we presented our final works from the 21st to the 23rd February 2020 at the Stevens Building, RCA Kensington.

A team of artists from the cohort – Giulia Brancati, Matt Watkins, Xi Chen and Alberto Bonanni – worked as curators and art directors of the event. The team provided show identity and graphic design, social media content/promotion and technical support to each artist.

Based on the building floor plan provided by the Stevens’ building management, the team designed an intuitive flow to help the audience to experience each project at its best. Together with each DD student, we coordinated the spaces according to individual and general needs. We also scheduled video-makers timing to meet performances timeline.

The show was advertised on RCA’s social media and MADD official Instagram channel, to maximize attendance. An ad-hoc website (please visit was developed to support the show with each artist profile and descriptions of their works.


Alberto Bonanni: Art direction and technical/technology support
Giulia Brancati: Graphic design and equipment coordination
Matt Watkins: Art Direction and equipment coordination
Xi Chen: Show Identity and Graphic Design

Additional support:
Max Kohler: web development
Hughes Sauvagnac: video & editing