Alberto Bonanni
MA Digital Direction 18/19
Royal College of Art, London, UK

Alberto Bonanni is a multi-disciplinary, digital designer and artist based in London, UK. Alberto’s work focuses on a number of new and emerging media to deliver meaningful storytelling and innovative approaches to immersive experiences.

Alberto recently graduated with a master’s degree in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art of London, with the project UNITY. UNITY is an interactive installation explores the relationship between music, consciousness and dance, within the sphere of clubbing and rave culture.

During his experience at the RCA, Alberto worked on a series of projects where he employed different technologies, from VR and AR (XR in general) to motion capture, 3D modelling and neural networks, to provide new perspectives on topics currently relevant to the media like immigration, religion, digital identity and other socio-political issues. The virtual reality project SYRIA gained a lot of attention as an attempt to explore these matters with a different point of view.

While living in London, he also had the opportunity to enter the world of music, Alberto’s main area of interest, and music events in particular, by attending Party Hard in The Province, a gig curated by Equipe Fatale in the south of Italy where he worked as 3D and visual artist.

Before moving to the UK, Alberto worked for Initiative – IPG Mediabrand – as Junior Content Specialist and designer. Here, he worked on different special projects for clients like Amazon, Converse, LEGO and Ikea, developing disruptive strategies like branded entertainment, TV series and other OFT campaigns to enhance brands’ and products’ value. Alberto was also in charge, together with colleague Eleonora Piana, of design activities like graphic design, motion graphics and 3D mock-up’s.

Before Initiative, Alberto was at Sky Italia, Milan, as part of the re-branding team, where he worked on re-branding activities, monitoring and material supply.

Alberto graduated in Media and Advertising at the IULM University in Milan, where he first developed his interest in media, music and technology.